Join Sandra Power, Mind-Body Health Coach, for a 7-day detox starting on January 22nd Early-bird pricing until January 3rd: $29 (REG: $49) Online program, available in English only

Have you ever wanted to detox but have no idea how or where to start? 

I love to detox in January for a few reasons:

  1. It helps me get back on track (physically and emotionally) after what usually turns out to be many late nights and quite a lot of recreational eating & drinking over the holidays!
  2. It gives my body a chance to rest and recover thanks to a week of clean eating and a concerted effort to practice more self-care;
  3. It provides space for self-reflection and an opportunity for me to reconnect with my mind & body so that I can be more conscious in my day-to-day living and feel more grounded overall.

Starting January 22nd, please consider joining me in a 7-day detox. This is an online program that you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

Program includes:

  1. A detox guide, including an overview of what to expect during your detox, a 7-day meal plan, recipes & shopping list. This will be sent to you on January 19th so you have time to prepare over the weekend.
  2. Daily emails to keep you motivated and give you some ideas for how to practice self-care and support your body-mind throughout the week.
  3. If you’re a Facebook user, access to a closed group so you can connect with other participants for support and encouragement.

Secure your spot before January 3rd and enjoy $20 off regular price. Only pay $29 + tax.

Join now

Any questions? Please contact me:

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